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Colour Saturation on Different Devices

April 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My first blog ever- this is it! As I've changed over to a new website provider, blogging is much easier and there will be more to follow from photography adventures I've been on, other photography experiences and hints and tips I pick up along the way to pass on to other photographers - beginners or experienced.

The first topic I want to write about is colour editing and what the finished images look like on different devices. Now to be clear I know that colour saturation is an artistic choice but this has been my experience so far from a technical perspective.

When I first started taking photos, all of my editing was done on a mid range laptop. I noticed that when I edited a photo on my laptop, posted to a site like Facebook or Flickr and opened the image on my phone - Whooooa! the colour saturation or the intensity of the colours looked very different - usually over colour saturated which meant I had to go back and re-edit the photo to suit the phone (but actually which device display is correct?). All devices - laptops, mobile phones, tablets and PC screens display images differently depending on their quality of build, factory settings and screen resolution along with a few other factors.

After struggling with the issue for a while and having a few feedback comments from clients, I decided to get a colour calibrated monitor (at great expense) to make sure that whatever I was editing was correct to Adobe standards. Adobe are the software developers who provide Lightroom and Photoshop editing software, which are the software packages used by the vast majority of photographers and image editors/designers.

Now when I edit a photo on the new monitor I know that what I see is correct. When I view the same photo on my old laptop it looks slightly unsaturated and washed out.

The point here? When it comes to printing one of my photos I know that the print lab will print to the correct Adobe standard and the prints will have the correct colour saturation and detail - how I remember editing them on my screen.

OK that was an easy first blog, quite technical but hopefully useful. I have added an image edited on my laptop (top photo) and the lower image is edited on the monitor. 



Little Loch Broom edited on Laptop Little Loch Broom Edited on Separate monitor




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