Steve Dunthorne Photography | About

Hi and thanks for visiting my website. I’m Steve Dunthorne - a portrait, landscape & commercial photographer based in Ellon Aberdeenshire, although photography takes me all over Scotland and further afield.

I’m passionate about photography, I love capturing moments in time – the right moment in time. It can be a smile between mother and son, the sun setting over some beautiful scenery or capturing a company’s products for a new marketing campaign.

I enjoy many areas of photography and I believe that this diverse approach spills over into whatever I’m working on and allows me greater flexibility; for example - if I’m taking photos of a family at a park my landscape eye kicks in and I’m looking for great backdrops to compliment the image.  Likewise, if I’m out taking landscape photos at a beach and spot horse riders in the distance I will incorporate that in to the image, or if I’m taking photos of staff using a product, I use my portrait and environment photography experience to capture people and the product in a natural way.

About me:

I’ve lived in Scotland since I was 5 years old - I love this country, its people and of course the scenery. I really started thinking about my surroundings in terms of photography in early 2014 when I purchased a DSLR camera.  I used it initially with a telescope to take long exposure photos of star clusters and galaxies – which is an amazing sight to see from your back garden in Ellon.

I’m married to Aliya whom I met in Kazakhstan whilst working in the oil industry as a field Engineer and training instructor. We have three amazing children and raising them is both hard work and very rewarding, which I’m sure any parents can relate to. The more life experience I get the more I seem to appreciate family life!

I’ve travelled the world – visiting almost every continent and have been so lucky to see so many beautiful places, people and cultures. What else? I used to be a night club DJ and I’m also occasionally involved with professional fireworks displays for weddings, birthdays and city events - I guess I’ve got an entertainers side to my personality!

With my life experience, intensive last three years of photography and genuine interest in the world and people around me; I consider it an absolute privilege to have the ability to pick up a camera and take photographs in any situation - reliably, professionally and artistically capturing those special moments in time.